Welcome New Students!

Welcome new students of Kettering University! We look forward to meeting all of you and we wish you the best of luck in your studies here at Kettering. Feel free to come down to the house at any time. We always have something going on at all times. You are always welcome for lunch and dinner to escape the terrible school food or you need a break from school. Here is our Calendar full of event that will help break up the business of school and provide some well deserved rest! If you need a ride down to the house, give us a call (810) 232-9155. We'd be more than glad to pick you up.

Congratulations New Brothers

Congratulations to our newly initiated brothers Eric Abel, Philip Mitchell, Austin Stewart, Casey Grebe, Varinder Singh, Mike Janca, and Ryan Denison. We are thrilled to call you our brothers and we will stand by you in times of hardship and in times of enjoyment.

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